welcome to the future.​

DUE DATE : check it with with Samia :) 

 send your work to : g.guiblais@m2-event.fr + Samia  

By reading the following materials, as a press review, discuss the trends shaping the future of the Event industry.

How do events in the future look like ? what is an "innovative" event ? What type of innovations may affect the industry ?

Do you consider any particular area concerned by innovation (communication, logistics, attendee relationships...) ?

Your press review will focus on selected key factors of change in the event industry. YOUR point of view does matter.

Typical powerpoint presentation from 10 to 15 slides, well structured around 3 to 5 key interpretations / mains facts in your opinion. Bring some added value (no article summary: students are supposed to deliver a forward thinking analysis). Your interpretation regarding the main stakes shaping the Future of the Event industry (new technology, audience behavior, new concepts of events, venue management and business models…)